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         How to Become a Member:
    1.  Fill out and submit online form below; submit payment
    2. Send payment to the IPA by choosing one of the options below:​
          a.  Choose a pricing plan below and pay online
               ***Membership fees paid by:
Cash/Check - $25 before August 1st, $30 after August 1st;
Debit/Credit Card - $30 no matter what date purchased (due to processing fees)
b.  Mail a check to:
     IPA Membership
     PO Box 10944
       Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52410
    3. Membership will be granted once application and payment are both received
IPA Membership Form
Select a Membership


By signing this form, Registrants/Signatories agree to indemnify and hold harmless The Iowa Pyrotechnic Association and each of it's members, directors, successors, property owners, and site hosts; from and against all claims, damage, injuries, or consequences arising out of any direct and/or indirect or collateral participation in activities associated with the Iowa Pyrotechnic Association including displays, demonstrations, seminar attendance, hands on training, education materials (including all processes and products covered in such displays, demonstrations, seminar attendance, hands on training, educational materials) and any other activities by the undersigned persons.  The registrant agrees that this assumption of risk applies to any minors under their guardianship.  The registrant understands that pyrotechnic material is and will be used at the IPA meeting and that a risk is associated with the use of pyrotechnic material.  Whether or not the pyrotechnic material is handled in an appropriate manner and all safety rules and guidelines are followed.  I also certify my age is 18 and over.

Thank you for joining the Iowa Pyrotechnic Association!

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IPA Annual Membership

  • IPA Annual Membership

    Every year
    *Please note: Online membership dues include debit/credit card processing fee
    • Voting Rights
    • Participation in Club Meetings and Gatherings
    • Building Seminars
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