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How to Become a Member:
    1. Download the Membership Application​​
    2. Fill out all applicable fields and sign the form
    3. Return the form by email to
        or mail to:
        IPA Membership Services
        PO Box 523
        Vinton, Iowa ​52349-0523
    4. Send payment to the IPA by choosing one of the options below:
          a.  Choose a pricing plan below and pay online     
          b.  Mail a check to:
                IPA Membership Services
                PO Box 523
                Vinton, Iowa 52349-0523
    5. Membership will be granted once application and payment is received

Membership Application

Choose your pricing plan

  • IPA Membership

    Every year
    Annual membership purchased before August 1st
    • Voting Rights
    • Participation in Club Meetings and Gatherings
    • Building Seminars
  • IPA Membership 2

    Annual Membership purchased August 2nd and after
    Valid for one year
    • Voting Rights
    • Participation in annual club meetings and activities
    • Building Seminars
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