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As the Largest Fireworks Club in Iowa, one of the Largest in the Midwest and in the Country, we are Dedicated to the Safety, Artistry, and Promotion of Fireworks of all types. We Sponsor Educational, Informational, and Hands-on Fireworks-related Classes of all types, given both in-house, and in our travels, through special activities, and at our 4 to 6 meetings and/or Shoots per year.

The IPA is one of the Largest Fireworks Clubs in the Midwest and retain one of the Finest Lobbying Firms in the Midwest to keep our Members abreast of the latest and greatest (and sometimes the worst) in new Legislation to keep us current.

We are a Non-Profit Organization that is dedicated to safe, legal and artistic pyrotechnic operation in the state of Iowa. The club helps both the professional, and the hobbyist development of it's members through training, demonstration, hands-on classes, and the exchange of peer-to-peer information.

The IPA is a growing organization that helps it's members to safely design and (artistically - we trust) display fireworks. Our members are mostly shell builders, display operators/owners, and fireworks shooters from all across the Midwest, and some that just love to watch great Fireworks! 

Colorful Fireworks


Our Hobby Club

The IPA Membership offers a laid back & friendly environment with a true sense of camaraderie.  The IPA wants to help each of its members become the best pyrotechnicians they can be. Senior members regularly give seminars and teach reliable and safe techniques and shares formulas, all while educating each other on the best & safest way to build.  Members even help each other build for competitions!

During each club meeting, members can try out their latest formula, idea, or devices (provided they pass our Safety Director's Scrutiny) as well as enjoy watching and shooting some great Fireworks. 

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Club Meetings



The IPA is all about Safety and Training. Get the latest word on NFPA Codes - right up to the latest 'How-to" advice from some of the most knowledgeable of your Pyrotechnic Peers.  Guest Speakers from other Clubs, BATFE, DOT, Industry, and more. The IPA offers PGI Shooter Certification courses at various events and teaches Hands-On Building classes and seminars for all of our members in conjunction with our meetings.



At every club meeting, the IPA hosts a member Potluck Dinner!  Each guest or family contributes a different, often homemade, dish of food to be shared. Whether a salad, side dish, fruit, or dessert some of the best dishes around are brought and enjoyed!  Scrumptious!

Permitted Club Shoot


The IPA members also like to have fun as well as learn. Weather permitting, at each club meeting, members can try out their latest formula, idea or Devices - Provided they pass our Safety Director's Scrutiny - as well as enjoy watching and/or Shooting some great Fireworks.  


The IPA is an active member and participant of the The Pyrotechnics Guild International (PGI).  The PGI is an independent global organization of fireworks enthusiasts who promote safe and responsible pyrotechnic practices, while helping hobbyists and experienced professionals share knowledge and channel their creativity into designing, making, and displaying high-quality fireworks.

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Newton, IA

The Iowa Pyrotechnic Association is led by an experienced team of pyro-enthusiasts. Together, they work to make the Iowa Pyrotechnic Association the best local option for fireworks.

The Current IPA Executive Board:

President - Charles Yedlik

Vice President - Phil Travis

2nd Vice President - Mike Mosher

Secretary - Jenell Genardo

Treasurer - Dan Marovets

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