Membership Includes:

Bi-Monthly Club Newsletter
4 to 6 Meetings per year (Regular + 2-2 Day Meets
4 to 6 Shoots per year
Discounted Onsite Vending
Primary Membership (You) + your Spouse/Significant Other + Immediate Family (children)

Admission to ALL Club Events (Including Boomtown - with (reserved/paid)  camping) + Free Parking at Boomtown (may need to be reimbursed depending on arrival time)
Cost: $25/year ($.07/Day)


The IPA Membership wants to help each other become the Best Pyrotechnicians they can be. Members regularly give workshops, share the latest new technique or formulae, teach each other the Best & Safest way to build. They even help each other build for their competitions!

Of course the annual goal of winning the PGI's Club Trophy, was a collaborative effort of all IPA Members, which we won collectively in 2014 (with 12 of 15 first Place Winners, 2 Second Place, 1 Third Place, and the Grand Master all being IPA Members), and this year, the Grand Master was once again from the IPA. The IPA Club placed Second overall for 2015.

Private Shoots

We have a permitted Shoot at almost every meeting. Make your pyro there, or bring it with. We hold 2 two-day events every year. One Memorial Day Weekend, one at Boomtown-Vinton, our Main Fundraiser - with Shooting both nights - and there's on-site camping too plus lots more at each. Along with these 2-day Shoots, are 3 or 4 more General Membership Meetings per year.

Get involved, down & dirty - or just come to enjoy the day. You can be as involved as you want to be. Building Projects during Meetings are geared to fit the advanced builder, AND the first-timer.

What we make on day one is usually shot on day two..

Guests are ALWAYS welcome!

The IPA is all about Safety Training. Get the latest word on NFPA Codes - right up to the latest 'How-to" advice from some of the most knowledgeable of your Pyrotechnic Peers - Guest Speakers from other Clubs - the BATFE - the DOT, Industry, and more. The IPA has also developed the first Assistant's Display Operator Course that we know of.

We have Workshops, Hands-On Building, and Social Activities such as Pot-Lucks/Cooking out/Camping on a Regular Basis in conjunction with our meetings. A  Laid back & Friendly environment and a true sense of camaraderie. Training & Commentary from Industry & Hobbyist Leaders, and more.
Go to the Files Page for Articles, PowerPoints, other Training and/or needed files. If you are in, or near Iowa (We even have Members who travel to Meetings from Illinois, Wisconsin and even Texas), we invite you to join the IPA. Farther away is difficult, but if its within your means - what the heck. We have, and Welcome Members from anywhere. Come out and Play!

Dedicated to Safety Education,  and the Use and Artistry of Fireworks.