Large Class C Show                                 PGI Friday GPD Gillette, WY 2015 3:07                  PGI Convention 2015 Gillette. WY

PGI Gillette, WY 2015   3:54                        (shells built by members during the week)                       Friday Night GPD 10:04

A Video of a Show by Flashing Thunder Fireworks  (Members) by another Club Member - Mr. Richard "Dick" Beals - Shot in Part from Richard's Drone. Courtesy Kate/Jeremy Mostek of Flashing Thunder Fireworks - Mitchell, IA - 22:33

 2003 was our first Display at the Johnson County 4H Fair - we're still doing it.

We apologize for some portions of the custom audio soundtrack - the camera kept "clamping" on the noise of the Shells exploding. The more it "clamped" on the Shells, the less pronounced the soundtrack is.


The Results of a Beginner IPA Mine Class conducted May 28, 2016 by IPA Club Member - Mark Howe - 2:07

                  2010                                                                           2011                                                                       2011 -  30:00

                  32:43                                                                          31:08                                                                  (Different Angle)

member videos

Nov. 7, 2007 - A Memorial Show for one of the Stumptown Club Members and an example of a Choreographed Show. 35:22

          Boomtown TNT                                                Boomtown 2013 Main Show                              Boomtown 2014 Main Show

                     3:36                                                                         22:54                                                                           25:31

The Stumptown Shooters Pyrotechnic Club of River Junction, IA did this shoot on a dam in Lake Mozingo in Maryville Missouri. "Betty" at the end of the video is a 16" Willow that blew up about 4' up the 8' long tube with spectacular results. Although it was rather spectacular, we recommend NOT doing this on purpose if you can avoid it. - 1:34




Boomtown 2015 Main Show                                 Boomtown 2015 (Different angle)                            Boomtown 2016 Main Show                                   24:00                                                     Mason City, IA     20:33                                               

Fireworks Videos NEVER do the Subject justice.... BUT they are Still Fun to Watch!

The "Boomtown Collection" of Videos is arranged roughly by year - the others are as they come in.

Lot of devices for "Boomtown are hand-made by Pyro Hobbyists. See if you can tell what was built by hobbyists and what wasn't!

To fully appreciate them though, you really need to experience the real thing from a seat in the Grandstands, or better still  - as a member from a seat right down on the Track.




                  2007                                                                        2008                                                                   2009

                  29:11                                                                         29:15                                                                   25:01

Opening by Ames Reliable Pyro                       Train Wreck by Wildfire Shows                       2012 - Final Couple Minutes of Finale

        Boomtown Vinton 1:48                                       Boomtown Vinton 1: 07                                          Boomtown Vinton 2:02

A Stumptown Shooter Show in which         PGI Convention - Iowa 2014 - Best                           2015 PGI Show from Casablanca

  the Power of "Consumer' Fireworks             Large Ball Shell Competition in                                                Pyrotechnics 14:11

     becomes all too apparent.  5:30                       Mason City, Iowa 25:25

IPA Member Mark Howe with an interesting twist on a Fireball effect. A Sawdust-based explosion with charcoal stars added for kick. Different effect. Thanks Mark - 00:19

PGI Convention 2015 Gillette, WY                 A Stumptown Shooter Show in MO             IPA Member Mick Leydon's 1st Place PGI Award

  Friday Night GPD Finale 26:28                     at a July 4th Show when a 16" Blows           Winning All Class  "C" Show Mason City, IA 2014                                                                                             in the Tube.     1:32                                            (Truly World-Class)   5:27