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IPA 2019 Membership Meetings

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Our next Meet is our April Meet (see below for details). Non-members are always welcome to come check us out!

The meeting will be at our "Regular" (Yedlik's Farm) spot. See above for directions.

Meeting begins at 1pm, Saturday, followed by a Pot-Luck Dinner, followed by Open Class 1.4,G and usually a President's Challenge and/or a 1.3G Shooting and/or a 1.3G Display.

Now is a great time to test your new toys out as well!

Come out and Play with the IPA!




Map Directions to the IPA Meeting Barn/Shoot Site

Our Meetings almost always begin at 1p and run to about 11p (with a Shoot). If this is NOT the case, the correct times will appear with the description of the event..

  • Our next Business Meeting/Shoot will be Saturday April 6th at the Yedlik Farm Meeting Shed, beginning of the General Membership Meeting (Non-Members WELCOME!) - 1PM

  • We will be hosting a PGI Display Operator Certification Training Course following the Meeting.
    • The DOC Training is FREE (there is a Mandatory Handbook Fee of $45 per attendee)
    • NON-Members are Welcome ($45 Book Fee + $45 Attendance Each Person)
    • The $45 Book Fee is Cost + Shipping - Latest Edition - Recerts are Encouraged to upgrade to the Newest Edition - but NOT required to Purchase a Handbook, Participate in the Live-Fire, or Take the Test

  • There will be a Live-Fire Training/Common Failures Demo Following the Test which all new Course Attendees are required to Participate in. Please Dress Accordingly.
    • All Natural Fiber, LONG-Sleeved, and LONG-legged Clothes (NO Polys, Plastics)
    • Eye Protection - (Shooting Goggles, etc)
    • Ear Protection - (Muffs, Plugs, etc)
    • Head Protection - (Hard Hat, Ballcap, etc)
    • CLOSE-toed, HARDSOLED Shoes - (NO Sandals or Flip-Flops)

  • Tim Canney will be conducting a Shell Building Class Following the DOC Course

  • We will have 1.4G Vending On-Site for Open Shooting

CobraCon 2019 will be held April 22-24 in Saratoga Springs, NY

The IPA's Governmental Affairs Chair, Scott Anderson, and Safety Ed. Director, Mark Woodburn will be giving Seminars on "How to Build/Maintain a Fireworks Club"

Click here for the CobraCon WEBSITE for More Info on this Event