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IPA 2018 Membership Meetings

Our next Meet April 7th, 2018. Non-members are always welcome to come check us out!

The meeting will be at our "Regular" (Yedlik's Farm) spot. See above for directions. The IPA will be Sponsoring a FREE (to member's) PGI Display Operator Course class following the meeting.

Meeting begins at 1pm, then PGI class, followed by a Pot-Luck Dinner, followed by Open Class 1.4,G or 13G Shooting & a 1.3G Display.

Now is a great time to test your new toys out as well!

Come out and Play with the IPA!




The Stumptown Shooters of River Junction, IA will hold it's Annual Spring Shoot (in conjunction with a PGI Class - see below) on Saturday April 28th "at home" in River Junction, IA.

PGI Class attendees (and anyone over 18), are welcome to join Club Members in the Setup, Display, and Teardown of the Show if needing (1 of the 5) required (for PGI Certification) Shows.

It has yet to be determined what time we Shoot that evening, but dark comes early. We'll try to hold off until 7:30 or so, but no promises.

Map Directions to the IPA Meeting Barn/Shoot Site

Boomtown info is under 'Annual

Events' A link to it is below:

Boomtown Info                                      Boomtown Camping info


April 28th, the Stumptown Shooters of River Junction, IA Pyrotechnics Club will be Sponsoring a class (and shoot later), at the Hills, IA Fire Department (90 1st Street, Hills, IA) in the meeting room (at the rear of the Fire Station).

No pre-registration is required, or being taken. Registration is 8a-9a, Class begins at 9a thru noon-ish (depending on where we are at in the presentation), breaking around noon for a 1-hr. lunch (not provided), then back to classwork until the test has been given and graded (usually around 3:30 or 4p), then down to River Junction (approx. 5 miles south of Hills), for the "hands-on"/common failures portion of the class. There we will show class attendees examples of the most commonly known failures you will likely have during your shows and how to mitigate, or lessen them.

Class fee structure:

New Certification $ 80
Renewal w/book. $ 60
Renewal w/o.      $ 40
Fire departments. $ 35 w/o book, $45 with book

  • We will Bill Fire Departments if requested. Please have the proper mailing address at time of registration.

  • Class will be taught by myself, along with Andy Neuzil and other Certified Club members.

  • The class will be held at the Hills VFD at 109 East Main St. in the meeting room (rear of the Station house).

  • Please wear HARD-SOLED Shoes, or workboots.

  • LONG-Sleeved & LONG-Legged pants of NATURAL Fiber (Cotton, or Wool).

  • NFPA Code requires Head protection, Foot Protection, Hearing Protection, and Eye Protection.

  • Turnout Gear if available, or other PPD as needed.

It is HIGHLY recommended that ALL re-certs have a book with the latest NFPA Code with them on-site at every Shoot. It is also recommended that EACH FIRE DEPARTMENT has at least one book at the Station for reference to Code at Site Inspections, and Standing-by at Shoots.

Our Meetings almost always begin at 1p and run to about 11p (with a Shoot). If this is NOT the case, the correct times will appear with the description of the event..

The IPA is Sponsoring a NEW PGI Display Operator Certification Course at our April 7th Meeting, which is FREE to all IPA Members!

If you need re-Certification, or would like to become certified, this is your first chance, in this area, for this year.

NFPA rules were upgraded (as always), this past year and the new Code is out. Along with that, we have a new DOC course. So, if you are as tired of "that Green" slide presentation as I was (even as an Author of it), I assure you the Green is Gone!

The class will commence following the regular business Meeting (probably around 2:30 or 3pm) at the Yedlik Farm meeting building. The only cost will be for a handbook (if you need one). ALL first-time attendees MUST have a new handbook! It is highly recommended that "re-certs" have a new handbook as well to keep abreast of the most current code, and it is also recommended that all FD's have a minimum of one book for references during site inspections, standing by shows, etc.