If you are unable to attend the Memorial Day Weekend Shoots, We will be skipping what would normally be our July Meeting (for obvious reasons), the PGI Annual Convention AND BOOMTOWN are both in August (so, no Meeting then), and we will skip September (because everyone will be so darn tired!), and hold our next Meeting on October 27th - at the Farm - in Vinton, at 1pm. Same deal: With Potluck, Open Shooting and other Fireworks.

Other Club Events

IPA 2018 Membership Meetings

Our next Meet is our Memorial Day (a 2-day) Event on May 25th, and 26th, 2018. Non-members are always welcome to come check us out!

The meeting will be at our "Regular" (Yedlik's Farm) spot. See above for directions. The IPA will be Sponsoring a FREE (to member's) PGI Display Operator Course class following the meeting.

Meeting begins at 1pm, Saturday, followed by a Pot-Luck Dinner, followed by Open Class 1.4,G or 13G Shooting & a 1.3G Display.

Now is a great time to test your new toys out as well!

Come out and Play with the IPA!




Map Directions to the IPA Meeting Barn/Shoot Site

Boomtown info is under 'Annual

Events' A link to it is below:

Boomtown Info                                      Boomtown Camping info

The PGI's Annual Convention. This year in our own backyard - Mason City, IA at the North Iowa Fairgrounds. You MUST be an ACTIVE MEMBER On, or Prior to June 1, 2018, and have your convention fees PAID IN FULL by then to attend the Convention. Public Tickets ARE on sale for the Opening (Sunday August  5, 2018 Shows through the Closing Shows on August 10,2018) for every night but Thursday which is a designated rain date for the week.

If you attend as a Member, there is on-site open vending, classes, the PGI's Display Operator Course is given on Wednesday (special permission is granted if you are not a Member, but need to take the D.O.C Course). Open Shooting of Rockets, Ground Bombs, Salutes, Shells of all types, specialties like Girandolas, etc.

The Nightly Shows are put on by the best-of-the-best in the Pyrotechnic World and PGI Member, or not, should NOT be missed! This is where the Major Fireworks Manufacturers, and the best Display Companies try out the newest State-of-the-Art Products.

Each night is a mini Boomtown, our Premiere Club Shoot. Shooting begins around dusk and continues usually to around 10 to 11pm. Normally there are anywhere from 3 to 5 shows per night (except on Competition Nights). On the Competition Nights you will see some of the Best Shell Builders in the Country show  off their latest creations vying for the Best Overall Club (which we [the IPA] won in 2014, and placed second in, in  2015), and Best Individual Shells, and the coveted "Grand Master" Title (of which 4 of our Members have won).

Check out the pgi.org Website for more details.

Our Meetings almost always begin at 1p and run to about 11p (with a Shoot). If this is NOT the case, the correct times will appear with the description of the event..