On Training
The IPA is all about Shooter Training, Legality, and Pyrotechnic-related Information. Get the latest word on NFPA Codes - right up to the latest 'How-to" advice from some of the most knowledgable of your peers - Guest Speakers from other Clubs - the BATFE - the DOT - and more.

Go to the Files Page for Articles, PowerPoints, other Training and/or needed files, which Member or not, are yours on our files page  - free - for the downloading.

Safety is very important to all of us in the IPA. Most so-called "Fireworks-Related" Injuries are caused  through ignorance of the products, combined with a lack of both common-sense, and a complete lack of Training. When using a Pencil is FOUR TIMES as likely to land you in the Hospital ER than Fireworks, and although the "victim" is almost always injured, or killed by his/her own actions - NOT - the Fireworks involved - Fireworks are usually "scapegoated" anyway.

Although impossible to be "too Safe", we do believe an educated Shooter becomes a Safer one. Safety Training is available at our Meetings, on-line here, on the "Files" Page, and Off-site Training is available to Community Groups, Firefighters, and Code Enforcement Officials across the State.

If a class is desired for your group - please use the Contact Page - and we'll work on that request as best we can. We have given Special Training Classes, Fireworks and PowerPoint Demonstrations to Legislators, Iowa Code enforcement Officials, General Education to Community and Education Groups, Local FDs and VFDs, Other Public Entities, Local News Outlets, and more to Combat the many myths associated with Fireworks.