how it works

A tax-deductible  501 (c) 3 Charitable Corporation, there are five Trustees in charge of monetary disbursements and deciding the day-to-day decisions regarding the Foundation. Operating within the mandates set forth upon its creation, all five Trustees must vote unanimously in favor (or denying), any given motion for a disbursement. The Foundation must maintain a cap on the amount of the disbursements with the capped funds acting as an emergency backup for the Pyrotechnics Guild International's continuance if needed as per the original mandate.

A motion is set before the Board, the Trustees take it under advisement, discusses the pros and cons of the motion as it relates to the Pyrotechnics/Hobbyist Community, each reaches a yea, or nay decision, and they vote. Donations make up the sole funding source for the Foundation. The Trustees each serve a 5-year term, and are volunteers. The group currently serving is recruited from within the Pyrotecnics Community.

the fireworks foundation

why it's needed

The Iowa Pyrotechnics Association is a proud Supporter of the Fireworks Foundation. Over the years, Fireworks has been marginalized, and unfairly burdened with labels such as DANGEROUS and various anti-fireworks groups have popped up around the Country calling for everything from their complete demise, down to "we like them, but leave them to the pros" and everything in between.

Not only is the manufacture of Fireworks a Time-honored, and historical tradition, it is (albeit now highly regulated), the right of all Americans to enjoy this many-thousand year old hobby. The Fireworks Foundation ensures that this right continues unabated by donating monies to all facets of hobbyist Fireworks, Fireworks-related Commercial Ventures seen to be in the best interests of Fireworks as a whole, and promoting/facilitating to General Fireworks Safety Education in the U.S.

who, and why should you give?

As to the first part of the question? The answer is: EVERYONE! Young/Old, Rich/Poor,A Fortune/ or Not,  somewhere in between in all categories? As previously mentioned, your donation is 100% Tax Deductible, so if you love Fireworks, want to help their continuation, and need a tax write-off for "that time',and even  if you aren't looking for a tax break, and simply wish to help , the Foundation (and the Pyrotechnicians/Hobbyists it serves), would be grateful for the monetary aid. Even  if you don't need a tax break, and simply wish to help Fireworks continue - the Foundation would be equally as grateful.

How can I Donate?

Follow the link found HERE to visit the Foundation's Website for more info on donating and how to contact them. You may send a check, add them to your will, donate via PayPal, Credit Card, and Amazon Prime. The Amazon option take .5 of 1% of EVERY purchase you make through Amazon Prime and sends it to the Charity of your choice (I.E The Fireworks Foundation. NOTE!: Due to a typo, which was compounded at the Federal Level, the REAL Fireworks Foundation is listed as The Fireworkd Foundation. In its typical efficiently-inefficient way, the Feds can't 'simply' correct the error, so for the time being, until further notified FIREWORKD is how we roll when it comes to Amazon Prime.

There are numerous false entities pretending to be the Fireworks Foundation - PLEASE DONT BE FOOLED. The real one is HERE. Also remember its listed as FIREWORKD on Amazon Prime.