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Enacted June. 2017. The new Law now               In June 2017, the Iowa Legislature                 OK - THIS is the code that allows 1.4G

allows the sale of 1.4G (not this code)            allowed the Sale of Fireworks in Iowa,              Sales in Iowa. Again, enforcement of

 however, per usual lawmakers were             but left the question as to where they                the new law was the problem. The

rushing to get this done and left much        would be bought and where they could      Legislature says; "GO!", before they figure

of this issue unaddressed. A year passed  be used to the various permitors. Here is an  what entity does what, or how. The IPA

 and of course, there have been a great      opinion of what these entities should do.       DID NOT endorse this Legislation and

many problems and now calls to repeal.                                                                                              advised Lawmakers against it.





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Fireworks have been blamed for contaminating wells throughout the nation. This Report is proof of why they can't, and how any contamination would be totally unsustainable if they were ever the source - highly unlikely: (read silly)

Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 of the IPA Display Operator Course may be Merged by Loading 1 & 2, Pasting Pt. 2 onto the end of one, and simply Saving them as One Large Separate File.