Supplier Links

Flashing Thunder - Mitchell, IA - Fireworks vendor & IPA member

J&M Displays - Yarmouth, IA - Fireworks vendor & IPA member

Kastner Fireworks - A Fireworks Vendor in Madison, WI

Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration - (PHMSA)

Night Lighter Fireworks - Hayward, MN - Fireworks vendor & IPA member

Platte River Fireworks - Dickeyville, WI - Fireworks vendor & IPA member

Crater Fireworks - Mineral, IL - Fireworks vendor & IPA member.

Hollywood Pyrotechnics - Vendor/Display Company near Eagan, Mn - An excellent source of Pyro Supplies/Info. - The Company of an Ex-President of the PGI/Vendor in the Midwest.

Uncle Sam's  Fireworks A Midwest-based Pyro Supplier w/a Chicago Outlet

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Pyro-related Links

Google Groups - pyro chat page
SECAC - Good source for Pyro DVD's.
Pyro Universe - a Forum for Hobbyists around the US.
Passfire - Subscription fee for this one but worth it for the hobbyist builder. - Information for the hobbyist on how to get & stay legal. - a Link to Tom Dimock's Pyro Page - an excellent Source - a Pyro-based Newsletter. - A nice FREE Fireworks Chat Forum
United Nuclear - chemistry experiments for the pyro hobbyist. - an excellent source of pyro formulae on the Web

CBS News Article w/Video - How fireworks work: The science behind pyrotechnic displays

Illumination Fireworks - Vendor Page w/great examples of Proximate types/uses w/Videos

American Pyrotechnic Assoc. - List of State Laws

American Pyrotechnic Assoc. - Generalized Map with List of Laws by State

Utah Pyrotechnic Association - Pyro Formulae (Use at your own Risk - Research First)

Governmental & Semi-Governmental Links

BATFE - Orange Book cheat sheet
BATFE- Forms
BATFE - Chemical regulation
BATFE - Chemical list
Iowa State Legislative - find your Legislator

National Fire Protection Agency - (NFPA)
OSHA - Discusses hazards and controls for the outdoor display of fireworks.

OSHA - Common Safety Hazards in Pyrotechnics in general.

OSHA - Discusses hazards of the Retail Sale of fireworks.




Organizational and/or Club Links

Yahoo Groups - Iowa Pyrotechnic Association's Group Site on Yahoo
Boomtown - IPA Main Show from Vinton, IA

Fireworks in Iowa.  = A VERY nice site by a Hobbist/Enthusiast with a fairly comprehensive Listing of Iowa Displays
Stumptown Shooters (Web Site is Inactive - but the Club is Not) contact here
Pyrotechnics Guild International Inc. - The Largest Hobbyist Pyro Organization in the World.
American Pyrotechnics Association - (APA) Mostly Commercially-Based Organization
The Fireworks Foundation - (Devoted to the preservation of all things fireworks).
Fireworks Alliance  - (Working to Keep Fireworks Legal in America)

Crackerjacks Fireworks Club - A Northeastern Fireworks Club.

MPAG - The Michigan Pyrotechnic Arts Guild

MAPAG - The Mid-Atlantic Pyrotechnics Arts Guild an East-Coast Club

Veridian Credit Union - Our largest Boomtown Supporter

FPAG - The Florida Pyrotechnics Arts Guild

The Bluegrass Pyrotechnics Guild - A Southern Club

WPAG - The Wisconsin Pyrotechnic Arts Guild
The National Fireworks Association - (NFA)

RMPG - The Rocky Mountain Pyrotechnics Arts Guild

Vinton Unlimited: - The Vinton Civic Group we work closely with on Boomtown - a Great Bunch!

Video Links of general Pyrotechnic interest

China Makes America’s Fireworks by Hand - A Look at Fireworks Manufacturing.

How Fireworks Really Work - Documentary on the History and Technology of Fireworks

How Stuff Works - A 4 Page Tutorial w/Graphics for those interested in How things Work

KABOOM! - Also from PBS's Nova Series w/an interview of a Demolition Woman

Passfire The Movie - Documentary on those in, and who Build Fireworks. (Teaser)

Pyrotechnically Speaking - An interview w/Expert Dr. John Conkling by PBS's Nova Series

The Secret World of Fireworks - Zambelli's Operation in New Castle, PA and more.

What Are Fireworks? - A simple, but well-written general explanation from