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One of the nicest things about pyro is that the formulae never change. For thousands of years, the "Ancients have been Stealing Our Secrets", and much of modern-day pyrotechnics is a rediscovery of the old ways. its physics -  If it worked once - it will always work when replicated correctly. On the following page, you will find the books of the past. Every effort has been made by the IPA to ensure these books are all in the Public Domain. If a Copyrighted book, or Material is found, use the Contact Page of this Website, and it will be removed immediately..The Formulae and Techniques found within them makes our hobby, our passion what it is today. Most of these Books/Materials have been around for hundreds of years and/or are self-published.

This in no way diminishes either their worth, or their validity in terms of being used in Modern Pyrotechnics. These time-tested articles, formulae, observations, and opinions are what makes us what we are today, and should be preserved, and the knowledge passed down to our future peers, as our past peers have to us.

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