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Thank You

IPA Member Joel Weber is looking for used 2-1/2" and 3" mortars and racks, preferably still in good working condition and adds: "Did I mention the cheaper the better? Thank you"

Contact email:

For Sale by Owner

IPA Member/Vendor Jeremy Mostek is looking to buy any used P-45 or Nighthawk firing systems.

Contact email:

Chemicals for sale.....delivered to April meeting call or email lots roman candle tubes and timed felts.... The phone is 319-240-8512 and e-mail is lots of compositions are also available - Scott.


I have recently lost my place to build, and so have decided to get out of the building side of fireworks for now. I have a number of chemicals as well as a star roller, black powder roller, and tools that I would like to donate to the IPA. I will be off all of next week, and wondered if someone could come to Cedar Falls and take a look at what I have (and take it away, if you want!).  -  Bryan

Ten mortar 3” rack with Mighty-Mite single piece molded HDPE tubes at $75 each. There are 18 racks available. I will sell all 18 for $1,250. Racks are made of 2 x 4 and ripped 2 x 6 construction. I also have eight shot 4”

Mighty-Mite racks for $100 each and five shot 6” racks available at $135 each. I also have twenty four shot 1 3/4” racks for consumer shells at $50 each or $1650 for all 36 racks.

Phone 920-419-4313 or email




Wanted to buy

“A total closeout sale:  With 20 years of pyro related chems, hardware,  charcoal, retort,  homemade ball mill (5 #) etc.” - Walt Lakota

Getting rid of my 400 cue ez-fire at auction wears auctioneering under acreage moving auction current bid 10.00  barefootbob Williamsburg iowa 319-331-0584 paul Meyers system.