IPA Club By-Laws

The IPA By-Laws were last Revised in 2013. These are usually reviewed annually. These By-Laws may be amended or revised only in conformity with Article IX of the current By-Laws. The Current By-Laws may be opened by clicking on the Button below:

Robert's Rules of Order

Robert's Rules of Order apply and Govern the Conduct of Members during ALL IPA Meetings, whether a General, or Executive Committee Meeting.

We cannot print the Rules in their entirety, but you may Click the Button below for a Generalized Synopsis of these Rules of Order.

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miscellaneous IPA Documents

Terms of Use

(Signed by Members at each Meeting/Meet)

Hobbyist PyrotechnicBuildung/Prepping Activities are intrinsically risky - not so much the finished Product. New/untried Formulae may be unpredictable and in general - stuff happens. It is possible to do everything correctly, and STILL have something go awry. We understand that. That is what we all must deal with. The IPA is an all volunteer organization. No one gets paid to do what they do. We are a Hobbyist/Social Club, and to that end, the IPA Membership agreed that an indemnity clause needed to be included and signed prior to engaging in any such potentially risky endeavors. 

Below is the Indemnity Clause each one of us agrees to prior to each and every get together or activity. In the interest of full disclosure - here it is:

I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Iowa Pyrotechnic Association (IPA) and each of its members, directors, officers, successors, property owners, and site hosts; from and against all claims, damage, injuries, or consequences arising out of any direct and/or indirect or collateral participation in activities associated with Iowa Pyrotechnic Association including displays, demonstrations, seminar attendance, hands on training, education materials, (including all processes and products covered in such displays, demonstrations, seminar attendance, hands on training, education materials) and other activities by the undersigned persons. I agree that this assumption of risk applies [to] any minors under my  guardianship. I [further] understand that pyrotechnic material will be used at functions of the IPA and that a risk is associated with the use of pyrotechnic material, even if the pyrotechnic material is handled in an appropriate manner and all (current or past) safety rules and guidelines are followed.








The IPA Board has chosen to adopted the Pyrotechnics Guild International's (PGI's) Rules for Hand-built Pyrotechnics on the Club Shoots. Last Revised in 2012 (with the Advent of Changes to NFPA 1123 Code), these still hold true as of 2016. Click on the Radio Button Below to download your own set of Rules - in .pdf - format.

Occasionally, the IPA President may issue a "President's Challenge" to Club Members.

These "Challenges", then become a part of the next Membership Meeting. 1.4G "Cakes," and other 1.4G items, are securely placed and fused (in any fashion) to a 2 x 4 foot board. The Board is inspected prior to use by the Club's Safety Inspector. The Best board wins bragging rights (its for fun after all), until the next Challenge. Click on the Button below to see the Standardized Rules which apply to challenges.