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On behalf of Joe Domanica for the CrackerJacks (An East-Coast Club)

Felllow Pyros,

We are seeking both new members and donations.
This year for each and every $40.00 donation to the CJs, your name will be entered into a drawing for a COBRA firing system (1 transmitter (18R2), 10 receivers (18M), and 1 each Aubiobox valued at about $3,700.00.
You do NOT need to be a CJ member to make a donation.
Donations may come from anywhere on the planet.
Shipping in the USA will be free, while shipping outside the USA will be the responsibility of the chosen individual.
You can reserve 1 of the 200 “slots” for donors.  One slot will be reserved for each $40.00 ($80.00 gets you 2 of the 200 slots).
Donations can be sent via Paypal (use send money to FRIENDS option) or by check to cjcobra2016@gmail.com.
Questions can be answered at cjcobra2016@gmail.com
Joe Domanico
VP Publications
Crackerjacks, Inc.