Their actions in Des Moines are per your vote in the IPA!


We are a 501C(3) Non-Profit Organization that is dedicated to safe, legal and artistic pyrotechnic operation in the state of Iowa. The club helps both the professional, and the hobbyist development of it's members through training, demonstration, hands-on classes, and the exchange of peer-to-peer information.

The IPA is a growing organization that helps it's members to safely design and (artistically - we trust) display fireworks. Our members are mostly shell builders, display operators/owners, and fireworks Shooters from all across the Midwest, and some that just love to watch great Fireworks!

Our members also donate their time to a fall picnic once a year. It is by far - our Largest Show of the Year, We make a day of it, with the entire city of Vinton joining in. This year it will again be held in Vinton, IA at the at the Benton County Fairgrounds before 12,000+ other Fireworks Enthusiasts from anywhere you can think of. "BOOMTOWN" along with it's younger Sister Event - BOOMFEST - run consecutively (this year - August 28th & 29th), with Boomfest - in Downtown Vinton during the day - and Boomtown that evening at the Benton County Fairgrounds - again - both in Vinton, IA.

This 2-day Event includes camping, Fireworks Vendors for Members, Food and other Vendors of all kinds for everyone else, Open Shooting (for Members), a Beer Tent (for Spectators), a Membership Meeting, the Star Spangled Banner (sung Live with a Flag Ceremony and with Fireworks), maybe a Special Show or Two, a Display by our Junior (Minor) Members, a display of our "home-made" shell builders items, as well as the Main Event, an electronically fired Pyrotechnic Show Choreographed to a Custom Soundtrack..




As the Largest Fireworks Club in Iowa, and one of the Largest in the MidWest, we are Dedicated to the Safety, Artistry, and Promotion of Fireworks of all types. We Sponsor Educational, Informational, and Hands-on Fireworks-related Classes of all types, given both in-house, and in our travels, through special activities, and at our 4 to 6 meetings and/or Shoots per year.

With over 400 Members, the IPA is one of the Largest Fireworks Clubs in the US. We Retain one of the Finest Lobbying Firms in the Midwest to keep our Members abreast of the latest and greatest (and sometimes the worst) in new Legislation to keep us current.

We also like to have Fun as well as Learn. At almost each meeting, we hold a Permitted Shoot so under the umbrella of the Club's License/Insurance, you can try out your latest formula, idea or Devices (Provided they pass our Safety Director's Scrutiny), as well as enjoy watching and/or Shooting some great Fireworks.

At our Annual Memorial Day (a two-day) Shoot for example, we have Open Shooting (where Members may buy from On-site Vendors, and Shoot those Devices On-Site), on-Site Camping, a Meeting to Discuss Club Business, usually a Class and/or Presentation of some kind, a Pot-Luck styled Dinner (each day), or you can cook what you brought, topped off with a Gorgeous Fireworks Show (that you can choose to help with, or not).