The IPA has Developed both a Display Operator Course AND an ASSISTANT Display Operator Course (the ONLY Assistant's Course we know of). Like the PGI DOC Course, they will both be updated to reflect the latest in NFPA Codes. These may be Self-taught by clicking on the Radio Buttons below.

We encourage ALL IPA Members to go through these Courses as they contain much valuable information on the latest techniques in Shoot Site Choices, Safety with Fireworks, DOT & HazMat info, NFPA Codes, etc.

Why the IPA DO Course, or Assistant DO Course?

  • You have No Need/Desire to become PGI Certified.
  • The IPA Assistant's Course is the only purely ASSISTANT Coursewe know of (Though IPA Lead Shooters & Assts Share Much).
  • No Fees.
  • No Testing.
  • Either may be Self-Administered at Home (Study at your own pace).
  • The IPA DO Course may be saved as One .ppt File for later review 
  • Both are based on the most current NFPA Code.
  • ‚ÄčThese Provide the recommended Minimum Training Level for ALL IPA Members regardless of experience level.
  • ‚ÄčEither Course includes the latest Techniques of your Pyrotechnic Peers.


The IPA HAS developed it's own Display Operator Course as well as an Assistant Display Operator Course, which we encourage ALL IPA Members to Learn. They may be found here above, on link buttons further down below here, or on our "FILES" page - they are free for the downloading and we encourage all IPA Members to Study them at their leisure. However, the IPA Courses are informational only, and have no Certification option. For the Record - while  PGI Certification IS NOT for everyone - we STRONGLY recommend PGI Certification, IF you are generally the lead Shooter on your Displays, as any PGI Certified Shooter should know how to run his/her own Shoot Site.  However, while some Counties and Cities in Iowa will NOT ISSUE you a permit for a Display unless you are PGI Certified, neither the IPA Courses, nor the PGI Display Operator Certification hold ANY Force-of-Law.

While the PGI DOC  is a Great Source of Knowledge, like the IPA Courses, the PGI DOC is NOT a License to either Purchase, or to Use Fireworks anywhere, at anytime. So; just WHY should you bother to spend your time and/or money to become PGI Certified?

  • Because the PGI has a 300+ Page Handbook (which you receive as a part of the Course) that is a WONDERFUL Pyrotechnic           Source to have with you on your Shoot Sites.
  • To Learn the latest information about Fireworks, and the Safe/Legal use of Fireworks.
  • To help ensure your Shoot Sites, and other techniques are in compliance with the latest NFPA Codes (and so - your Insurance).
  • To gain Hands-on Experience with Shooting Pyrotechnic Devices.
  • For ALL pertinent  NFPA 1123 Code is included with real-world explanations & examples.
  • Because a PGI DOC is a way to Prove to your Potential Clients, AHJs, Other Permit Granting Authorities (PGAs), Potential                   Employers, and to your Peers that you SHOULD know what you are doing on a Shoot Site, and with Pyrotechnic Devices.
  • The PGI Handbook let's you prove your point to your Peers, an AHJ or PGA if needed.

More Simply, the Course is a way to prove to the world that you know your way around a Shoot Site (or at least Should). You have Shown a Commitment to Safety, Legality in the Execution of your Craft, and have Experience with it.  So; the Optional "Certification" component of all this - is that the Largest Pyro Group in the World Attests to the fact that you have undergone the Training needed to Head-up a Display, passed it's highest test Standards based on the latest NFPA Codes, and you have Experience. Additionally, even if you do not become Certified, you can still say you've been trained by some of the best pyros around.

The PGI DOC Course is the oldest, Most Established NFPA Code-based course in existence. Nationally Recognized, Required in some Locales, and it is constantly being improved and/or updated to reflect the latest changes in NFPA Codes. PGI's Initial Certification, and the subsequent Re-certification Program insures that you will stay abreast in the latest Rules & Regulations in the constantly evolving world of Fireworks.

You do NOT need to be a Member of the PGI to become PGI Certified.

To Initially become a PGI Certified Shooter, you must:

      1.       Attend a PGI Course (The IPA Holds these  - IPA-Given Courses are free to IPA Members - (given occasionally.)

      2       Pass a 75 Question Test with a Score of 80 percent (65 correct answers).

      3.      Attend the Live-Fire (Hand-Lighting) Portion Post Class.

      4.      Submit 5 "Experience" Shows (1.3G - Permitted Shows)

  •        NOTE:    Experience Shows may be as a LEAD Operator, or as  a CO-LEAD

      5.      Send your Documentation and a $10 Handling Fee to the PGI to receive your Initial Certification..

.Your Initial (First-time) Certification is valid for a Three-year Period.

This must be Renewed, or your Initial Certification becomes Null and Void after 3 years..

To  Renew your Certification you must:

       1.     The easiest way is to Retake the PGI Course (counts for all 8 Hours at-once)


       2.     Have taken a MINIMUM of 8 Hours of Safety-Based Training.

  •        Please Note: This Safety-Based Training includes ANY type of HazMat, DOT, or Work-related Safety Training.
  •        This may accumulate from multiple classes (2 Hrs here, 1.5 Hrs there, etc.)
  •        Training on "How-to-Build"-type classes DO NOT COUNT.
  •        If you are unsure if Certain Training counts or not - send an email to:

        (You will be sent to our Contact Page - Please leave a Message - it will go to them).

This Renewal is Good for THREE Yrs from Date of Issue then the Renewal Process Repeats

      3.    Document FIVE 1.3G/Permitted Displays you have done - ALL 5 MUST be as LEAD OPERATOR.

      4.    Send your Documentation and a $10 Handling Fee to the PGI to recieve your renewal.

      As with any other Certification Process - you must Renew it to keep it current.

This is one reason it is so widely accepted.

Find a Course near you - (You have to check this Often) - Most Courses in Spring/Fall.

The Same Address to send your Documentation is (BOTH for initial and for Recertification):

                                                                                                      Dr. John Steinberg
                                                                                                     3944 Carthage Road
                                                                                                  Randallstown, MD 21133

The IPA DO  Course is downloaded in two halves (due to a limitation of the File upload size) - to save it in whole for future use/review on your home computer, or Laptop, open Part 1 AND Part 2, and use COPY on all slides in Part 2, then PASTE Part 2 onto the END of the Part 1 Slides - SAVE the Resulting MERGED File and simply SAVE it as "IPA DO.ppt"


  Questions? Contact both IPA

   and/or PGI Training here

You will be sent to our Contact page (on this Site),

but your email WILL get to the PGI if for them.

Although the IPA and the PGI are similar in some respects and may share many rules, procedures, regulations and/or policies with the PGI, both organizations are Separate and Severable Entities. Many of these Shared traits have to do with basic Safety Techniques and Standard Industry Practices only. Neither should be confused with the other, or construed as one in the same.